Eligibility: You can become a Sein Nan Daw Club Member when you purchase 10,00,000 Ks (~$900) or more in any of our branches. Just ask the sales professionals for the membership form and soon you’ll be able to enjoy the unique privileges of our club members! Once you get your member card, remember to bring it to the store every time so we can give you privilege points.

Member Privileges:

For all of Sein Nan Daw Cardmembers, you enjoy 2% off plantinum jewellery and 5% off gold and diamond jewellery. Terms and conditions apply.

Once you have purchased the total value of 10,000,000 kyats, we will give cash value of 50,000 kyats immediately.

You will receive a special birthday gift and surprises when you come into the store and purchase on your birthday.

You have the unique privilege of special offers that are realized at continuous intervals only for club members, but also notification of the new and pioneering products circulating in the market.

Terms & Conditions:

  • The member card is strictly personal. Any transfer of it to another person is strictly forbidden.
  • Every member card is and remains property of Sein Nan Daw the holder of the card is strictly obligated to return it at the company’s demand
  • The member card is not a credit or debit card. The holder cannot make any money transactions upon demonstrating it, but only enjoy the privileges stated and offered by Sein Nan Daw.
  • The member card offers its holder privileges for as long as this privilege program of Sein Nan Daw holds. Sein Nan Daw holds any right to alter this time period at its own discretion.
  • The card can be replaced in the case of loss, theft or destruction in any store of the retail stores network of Sein Nan Daw at the cost of the cardholder.
  • The participant in the program is obliged to give notice to Sein Nan Daw for any change of address or telephone stated, either by phone or written. Until the notification of any such change, every document is communicated, in time, to the address previously stated.

Member Card Member Card T & C
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